Who We Are

Wildcat Investments, LLC is a leading franchise development company specializing in innovative, family-friendly restaurant concepts. Wildcat currently operates Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches shops throughout Ohio and Alabama, as well as pioneering his own successful restaurant concepts, Jerseys Pizza & Grill and Patty Burger.

The story of Wildcat Investments begins in December of 1999. Gregg Majewski, a University of Kentucky graduate and loyal fan of the University’s mascot, founded Wildcat Investments while he was COO/CFO of Jimmy John’s Enterprises, Inc., the franchisor for the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise.

With its skilled and dedicated staff of more than 500, Wildcat currently operates 9 Jimmy John’s locations in Ohio and Alabama, and remains one of the largest Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchisees. In 2005, Gregg entered the Chicago market with his first original concept, Jerseys Pizza & Grill, which he has since been operating successfully. In 2006, he launched his second original concept, Patty Burger. Gregg operated Patty Burger for 5 years until the building in which it was located sold. The new owners made plans to convert the building from commercial office to residential housing, so Gregg used the opportunity to relocate the store. On February 12, 2014, Westchester, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati) became Patty Burger’s new home. Patty Burger is one of the originals in the “better burger” segment Gregg helped pioneer.

What We Do

  • consulting

    We are Consultants to the restaurant industry. Our team’s experience and skillset positions us as the go-to firm for many brands. We know the industry because we are the industry.

    Most consultants claim to be experts and are very good at telling their clients what to do. At Wildcat Investments, we do much more than that. We believe strategy and planning only have value if they are executed! We deliver value to our clients through solid execution.

  • operators

    We are Operators to the restaurant industry. We operate our own stores and JV stores across the country. With over 500 employees we know how to run a successful restaurant.

    Sometimes Clients use us to step in and "fix" their operations. Other times Clients have a new brand or idea and need someone to launch their brand. Because we are Operators, we can quickly and successfully analyze an existing operation or launch a new brand.

  • recruters

    We are Recruiters to the restaurant industry. You’ve heard the saying, "Good people are hard to find." We prefer to say, "Good people are easy to find... when you look hard enough."

    Every brand is seeking specific employee characteristics for success. We’re able to quickly understand the character of each brand to identify what "good people" look like. It’s no coincidence that when we work hard for our clients, we make it easy for them to hire “good people.”

When We Get

  • New Brands

    The key to a new brand is just that... it is a new brand. Brands don't succeed and become household names on accident. It takes experience, planning, execution and tweaking.

    Most people who launch new brands stop at the execution. Unfortunately they are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. Tweaking…if a company listens close enough, the customers will provide the feedback needed to make the brand a household name. The new brand that listens and tweaks will be a success! Our experience can help you plan, execute, listen and tweak your brand for success.

  •  Emerging Brands

    For most business owners, fast and furious growth is the beginning of the end. We have the ability and successful track-record to help emerging brands put the pedal to the metal without skipping a beat.

    The potential pitfalls of emerging brands can only be avoided by having the process and procedures in place to handle the growth. How do we know? We know where the pitfalls are and have successfully taken emerging brands from 10’s to 100’s of stores! We prepare our Clients for these pitfalls in a way that allows them to smile and wave as we pass them by together!

  • Struggling Brands

    Some of the best and brightest brands have struggled at some point. We see struggles as opportunities to shine. Tough decisions made when a brand is struggling lead to satisfaction in seeing a brand survive and thrive.

    Issues might include menu, people, financials, and/or other factors hurting the brand. We have the proven ability and experience to quickly figure it out. Not all struggling brands can be saved. However, we are extremely confident in our ability to not only turn around a struggling brand, but also identify and execute a plan that works well and is most beneficial to all parties involved.

Winners Benefitting
From Our Services

  • New & Emerging Brand:


    Jerseys is different from your typical “Sports Bar.” Gregg Majewski dreamed of a “Sports Restaurant” - featuring the foods he’s always loved in a sleek, Club Level atmosphere that’s a great hangout for the whole family.

    The first Jerseys debuted in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in 2005. Why the name Jerseys? “It says sports without saying sports,” says Gregg. Besides, New Jersey was taken. Every visitor to Jerseys helps write our story.

  • New & Emerging Brand:
    Patty Burger


    Patty Burger first opened in Chicago in 2006, with one simple goal - to create the most succulent, flavorful burger in all the land.

    Patty starts with fresh, never frozen, 100% Angus beef. She uses farm fresh ingredients and cooks every meal to order. She bakes her buns fresh daily, and because of that, Patty has the best buns in town!

  • Struggling Brand:
    French Fry


    French Fry Heaven serves up crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside fresh-cut french fries. The first French Fry Heaven opened its doors in October 2011 and had "fast and furious" growth for the next few years.

    French Fry Heaven, like many other brands, was not prepared for such growth. Fortunately, Wildcat Investments was engaged to help. Many good things came from this - including a very successful launch of a new 2.0 location on the Arizona State University campus.

  • Emerging Brand:
    Jimmy John’s


    Jimmy John’s differentiates itself with its freaky-fast service at a decent price.

    Jimmy John's “fresh” is worlds apart from everyone else. Bread is baked in house every day. Meat and veggies are sliced in house every day. Real turkey and real roast beef with no additives, no vegetable-based fillers, no fake stuff. Everything is real – and it's the best of the best.

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